Medical Tubing and Catheters

Cable and Tubing Solutions GmbH offers an extremely broad range of tubing and catheter products and related services that cater to the needs of numerous industrial sectors.

Medical Sector

The most renown is the Medical Sector, CTS's original market and main area of expertise.  Here we offer high value-added components such as flexible endoscope insertion tubes.  Our range includes both generic models and major brand compatible versions.

State of the art materials

Our top of the range models are produced with state of the art materials offering numerous technical advantages such as very tight bending radii with a total absence of wrinkling on the inner radius.

Wide product range

Our general medical tubing range includes single and multi-lumen products made of a wide range of materials : PTFE, PFA, Polyurethane just to name a few.  

These are used either as production consumables or as components of medical devices.

Our Suppliers

Catheter / Endoscopy

Medical grade heat shrink tubing

Your Tubing Options

PFA tubing

Coiled-tip PTFE tubing

Flat coiled-tip PTFE tubing

Biopsy Channels

Multi-lumen tubing

Braided Tubing

Convoluted Tubing

Braided and Non-Braided Polyimide Catheters

Industrial Heatshrink Product Range

In addition to medical tubing, we offer an extensive range of general purpose heatshrink tubing and related articles.  These are offered as off-the shelf items, and as components used in the manufacture of our cable assemblies.

Dual Wall Polyolefin Tubing

FEP heatShrinkable Tubing

General Purpose Flame Retardant Polyolefin Tubing

Heat Shrinkable Cable EndCaps

HeatShrinkable Crimp Terminals

HeatShrinkable Fabric Tubing

HeatShrinkable Fiber Optic Splice Protector

HeatShrinkable High Voltage BusBar Tubing 15-24kV

HeatShrinkable Identification Sleeves

HeatShrinkable Tube For Fiber Optic Terminal Box

HeatShrinkable Tubing Kit

Medium Wall Polyolefin Tubing

PET expandable Braided Sleeving

PET heatShrinkable Tubing

PET semi rigid Wrappable Split Braided Sleeving

Solder Sleeve Wire Splices

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