Electric Connectors

When a cabling requirement cannot be satisfied with a standard off-the-shelf product we offer made-to-measure Solutions.

Electrical Connectors

CTS offers a full range of circular push pull connectors that are intermating and compatible with various competitors, for the application of medical electronics, testing and measurement instrumentation’s, IP68, and 360 degree EMC shielding.  Customer specific designs are always welcome.

Different Applications

Medical connectors in plastic and metal housing to meet all forms of sterilization, IP68, single use disposable, Multi-mating cycles, high pin count and medical grade cable and assemblies.

Excellent EMI protection, fast data transfers and high mating cycles make our connectors ideal for industrial and commercial applications.

Locking Mechanism

Our Connectors have three main locking mechanism:
1. Push-Pull
2. Break-Away
3. Easy-to-clean

Our Supplier

PPC® connectors

PPC-M Series

PPC-N Series

CPC® connectors

CPC-B Series

CPC-C Series

CPC-I Series

CPC-S Series

HDC® connectors

HDC-G Series

HDC-A Series

HDC-X Series

HDC-Y Series

MCC® connectors

MCC-F Series

MCC-H Series

MCC-U Series

MCC-FX Series

MCC-TLB Series

MCC-TLU Series

GJB CIRCULAR® connectors

GJB-Y50 Series

GJB-J599IV Series

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